Posts sorting with clojure comparator

sorting with clojure comparator

This is a quick post to show an example of clojure comparator for sorting a list with sort.

At work a friend wrote dozen lines of java to sort a list of characters that represents t-shirt sizes. The sizes are: pp, p, m, mm, g, gg, a, aa. Where ‘pp’ is super small, ‘p’ small, ‘m’ medium, etc.

Some shees have all the sizes available, some not. So imagine a shirt with just g, a, gg, p sizes availabe. The screen should show: p, g, gg, a. He requested me to do a clojure version of it. Here it goes.

The first useful function is map-indexed. Since the order of sizes is not natural, we associate numbers to them given we know the size order. So sizes becomes {:a 6, :gg 5, :g 4, :pp 0, :m 2, :mm 3, :aa 7, :p 1}.

Then I used a comparator. It produces a java.util.Comparator for the given function. In this case the comparison of the map values for each key.

To finish that, the sort function. It takes a given product sizes list and sorts then. So '(p, g, gg, aa) becomes (p g gg a).

It is even silly for a blog post but what if I can convince him to replace the java methods/utils/whatever methods for a gen-class of it? Packing compiled clojure code and using them for utility functions and small piece of your application can be a good way to get used to the language and confidence to start a full application in it.

Actually to let this code reusable, one can take the list of sizes instead of hard coding it. But this is an exercise for you.

Thanks to USA guys, you are the top visitors here. Thank you very much.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.