Paulo Suzart

Functional programming and a bit of a lot.

Docker + Ansible

Hi! This form for blog posts title is working! Liked it.

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Janus + ack-grep + fish shell: Tools to rule everything

Hello, I’m posting as often as the men go to the moon! Sad. For a good reason, though. We are having great times at Guiato.

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Configuring Clojure Immutant by environment

Hi again! Not posting for too much long.

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TCP Server with Clojure Aleph and Gloss

Hi Ho! Its been a long time without writing here. As you might know, I’ve just launched a new web/mobile (Guiato) platform to help retailers reach their customers with their existing brochures/pamphlets/flyers but now, electronically.

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Monitoring ec2 with clojure and Server-Stats


Before going further, please take a look at Parallel SSH and system monitoring in Clojure.

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sorting with clojure comparator

This is a quick post to show an example of clojure comparator for sorting a list with sort.

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lazy-seqs from database with clojure korma

As you may know, I’ve started in a new company last early this month. It is being a huge change in all aspects, technology, people, process, environment, etc.

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Web Noir plus enlive template

Hi again! Long time without writing here. But for a good reason.

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